ARTIFICIAL: A live interactive sci-fi series on Twitch


In Twitch's first ever scripted series, viewers can watch and interact with Sophie, an artificial intelligence being, as she discovers what it means to truly be human. 

Garnering more than 15 million views, a Peabody award, and a Primetime Emmy award, this groundbreaking sci-fi series showcases the bright future of interactive content.


Artificial is a live, audience-interactive scripted sci-fi series following an artificial intelligence being on a journey to become human-- and she needs your help to do it!

In Artificial: Remote Intelligence, the Twitch audience can interact directly with the characters in the show and not only transform the story, but actively participate in it through live Q&A, story-driven polls, the ability to transform the musical score of the series, and even create new characters in special Worldbuilding Episodes! This is NOT a choose your own adventure story-- this is a story created collectively by you, the audience. How will you make your mark?

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