Bernie Su


Bernie Su is a three-time Primetime Emmy award-winning short form and interactive creator,  showrunner, and storyteller.


Growing up in Silicon Valley, Bernie eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue dreams of being a screenwriter. Once in Hollywood, he quickly emerged as a unique and versatile storyteller, able to merge his creative abilities with his technological roots.


His breakout series was The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a groundbreaking, interactive reimagining of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The series is known as one of the seminal Transmedia franchises of the era, incorporating social media storytelling with short form video seamlessly. In 2013, this series went on to win the Primetime Emmy award for Original Interactive Media, capturing the first ever Primetime Emmy awarded to a YouTube Series, and was eventually re-adapted into a novel, making it the first novel based on a web series based on a novel.


In 2014, Bernie created Emma Approved, another Jane Austen adaptation, this time focusing on building a sustainable creative ecosystem. Emma Approved was designed as a five-platform interactive series where the title character, Emma, spawned a real fashion blog and advice column that tied into the show. The brand synergy of this franchise was groundbreaking in how it incorporated products into the story. Partners included Nordstroms, Modcloth, and Samsung. This series also won the Primetime Emmy for Original Interactive Media in 2015.


In 2018, Bernie pushed storytelling innovation once again by creating Artificial, the first live, audience-interactive, science fiction series. The series debuted on the live platform Twitch, presenting the unique ability for the audience to be consequential to the story, affecting the serialized story in real time.


In 2019, Artificial, while in its second season, gained the unique distinction of being awarded both The Peabody Futures of Media Award for Innovation in a Webisodes AND the Primetime Emmy Award for Innovation in Interactive Media, cementing the series as the most Innovative series of the year, and closing out an incredible decade for Bernie.


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